१३ जेष्ठ २०८१, आईतवार
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Nepathya’s iphone video made public

नेपालब्रिटेन डट कम्
१३ असार २०७४, मंगलवार १०:३८

Nepathya’s new music video filmed with an iphone has been made public as part of its 25th year activities. The song ‘Ghar ko Kura’ was written in June 2004 and was included in their 6th album ‘Ghatana’ in 2005.
The video of the song written in 2004 during Nepal’s insurgency period was filmed with an iphone during Nepathya’s US tour in 2016.

Disclosing how the song came into being, Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung said he found people indifferent to issues back home during his trip to the US in 2004. He said people were more interested to enjoy a dancing number during the concert as well. ‘We come across such situation frequently during our concerts abroad but we are also obliged to entertain our audience and that we must. I just tend to pour such feelings into a poem.’ Amrit said.

Revealing how the video was made, Kiran Krishna Shrestha of nepalaya said ‘While I was looking through my iphone video of our 2016 US tour, I felt the captured video was suitable for the song’. ‘After returning to Nepal, I sat down with our editor Padam Bajracharya and a music video came into being. After inserting motion graphic and words, it developed into the current form of lyric video’. Kiran said ‘I’ve always wanted to experiment with the iphone video and it coincided with Nepathya’s music.

In the video, Amrit is seen walking and wandering about the streets. Amidst this, he reminisces his homeland through photos and his journeys.
The song is written, composed and presented by Nepathya, while the video is edited by Padam Bajracharya and produced by nepalaya. Motion graphic and title is done by Shashank Shrestha’s team at Kathaharu.

Nepal was going through a Maoist conflict when Nepathya’s 6th album ‘Ghatana’ was released. Analyst at the time termed Nepathya’s album as a Musical War Archive of Nepal’s conflict and an Initiative for Peace.
The song is released through nepathya’s official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/nepathyaofficial and can be viewed at