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Nepal and UK officials hold talks aimed at addressing demands of ex-Gurkha servicemen

नेपालब्रिटेन संवाददाता
१ असार २०८०, शुक्रबार १०:२९

LONDON: The British government has agreed to discuss the issues surrounding the pension of ex-Gurkha servicemen.

The Embassy of Nepal in London stated that the main demands of retired Gurkhas regarding pension and welfare issues were thoroughly discussed during a tripartite meeting held in London on Thursday.

The issues concerning former Gurkha servicemen were addressed at a technical meeting at the British Ministry of Defense, with the participation of officials from the Embassy of Nepal in London, the British Ministry of Defense, and representatives of former Gurkhas.

Deputy Chief of Mission Roshan Khanal, who also serves as the spokesperson for the Nepali Embassy, reported that the Ministry of Defense and other relevant ministries discussed the raised issues and agreed to hold another round of meetings.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Chief of Mission Roshan Khanal, Military Attaché Brigadier General Ratna Bahadur Godar, Major Juddha Bahadur Gurung, Dharma Bahadur Tamang, Gyanraj Rai representing the former Gurkhas, as well as officials from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and other subordinates representing the British Government, according to the Embassy of Nepal in London.