१० श्रावण २०८१, बिहीबार
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100 Nepalis who joined Russian army have been reported missing: FM Saud

नेपालब्रिटेन डट कम्
१० पुष २०८०, मंगलवार १३:५१

KATHMANDU: Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash (NP) Saud has said that some 100 Nepalis who joined the Russian army have been reported missing.

The Russian government themselves have given us information that out of several Nepalis who have joined the Russian army, seven individuals have lost their lives. NP Saud said, “Apart from that, complaints have been filed into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) that around 100 people are missing and injured.”

FM Said also said that the Russian ambassador in Nepal was called to the MoFA to discuss the search for the missing persons. FM Saud also said that the MoFA has given a clear message to the ambassador that they are interested in this matter.

It has been estimated that around 200 Nepali youths, who went to Russia on foreign employment visa, study visa and visit visa have joined the Russian army.

“Around 200 Nepali youths who went to Russia for foreign employment, study, and visit are feared to have joined the military. The concern is that a significant number may have joined the Russian army,” he said.

“We estimated that the number could be more than that as complaints have been filed that there are hundreds of Nepalis missing. We estimate that the number could be more than two hundred,” he added.

Some Nepalis are Prisoners of War (POW) in Ukraine. FM Saud said that he has also contacted the Ukrainian government to release them.