१४ जेष्ठ २०८१, सोमबार
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Nepali Embassy In London To Open All Days

नेपालब्रिटेन डट कम्
२० चैत्र २०७६, बिहीबार २१:१६

Kathmandu : The Nepali Embassy in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is to open all days of the week at a time when most offices in Britain are closed due to the accelerating coronavirus pandemic.
The Embassy said it was opening throughout the week to hear the problems faced by the Nepalis in the UK and in Malta due to the coronavirus, and to take necessary steps. Before this, the Embassy was open from Monday to Friday only.

Deputy chief of mission at the Embassy, Sarad Raj Aran said the living quarters of most of the embassy staff was in the same building within the embassy compound and they had been working besides the five days anyways. He added that the Embassy has issued a notice informing of the extension of the office hours out of realisation that it should be more responsible during the time of pandemic.

The Embassy, through an appeal today, urged the Nepali students studying at various universities in Britain to stay safe and observe calm and discipline at such time and to contact the Embassy in case of emergencies, stating that some of the students were facing problem including managing food, among others.

Similarly, the Embassy stated that it was in talks with the bodies concerned for resolving the problems. It has also requested the individuals and organisations willing to provide monetary and other assistance voluntarily to students who are really in trouble and who are likely to face problems in future to call at Aran’s mobile number 0746059188 or drop an e-mail at the Embassy’s e-mail, [email protected], reminding that it was the humanitarian duty and responsibility of all to extend support at times of difficulty.

News about Nepali students not getting food and accommodation in UK had been coming since some days while on Tuesday some of the students had also posted videos about the problem they had been facing.