८ असार २०८१, शुक्रबार
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Grant the new Non-Resident Nepali citizenship and bring more investment into Nepal.

नेपालब्रिटेन संवाददाता
६ असार २०८०, बुधबार १५:३६

Last week the Nepal Government moved to put in place a new citizenship bill which would grant Non-Resident Nepalis a new legal citizenship. Known as the Non- Resident Nepali Citizenship, it will allow NRNs to practice full economic, social and cultural rights. This is good news for Nepalis living abroad – including Gurkhas – who send money home. It will bring investment and opportunity to Nepal.

However, the Supreme Court has released an Interim Order against the government for the new bill. On Sunday (June 4th) they have given the Nepal Government notice to explain their justification about why this new citizenship bill is important and should be made law.

#Fact – Currently 30% of Nepal’s GDP comes from NRNs sending remittance money home and 50% of people living in Nepal receive money from relatives living abroad.

This new bill would boost Nepal’s economy, both now and in the future; bringing increased investment, increased tourism, highly skilled jobs and prosperity into the country through NRN investment.

People that have moved, migrated or dispersed from their homelands contribute significantly to the development of their native lands through remittance, technology, knowledge, philanthropy, and diplomacy. Imagine the financial prosperity, entrepreneurship, business and educational advancements for Nepal, both now and in the future, that could come from this change?

Nepal is the 28th poorest country in the world. (It ranks as 128 in the rankings of world poverty.)
The UN has designated it as one of the 46 least developed countries in the world.
The poverty line around the world is calculated as $2.15 US Dollars – around one quarter of Nepalese people live below that.

50% of Nepalese rely on remittance from family living abroad – this remittance is 30% of the total GDP for Nepal.
Tourism brings in about 6.7 percent to Nepal’s GDP, while its total impact was US$ 2.2 Billion

Granting Non-Resident Nepali citizenships for NRNs and Gurkhas would bring increased tourism, investment and business opportunities and philanthropic benefits, creating more highly skilled jobs within Nepal and benefitting the entire economy.

It’s time for positive change – raise your voice and make yourself heard. Sign the petition.