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A self-declaration desk comes into operation at the TIA customs

नेपालब्रिटेन संवाददाता
२८ श्रावण २०८०, आईतवार १९:३०

KATHMANDU: The Department of Customs (DoC) has brought into operation a self-declaration desk at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) for passengers coming from abroad.

As of now, due to lack of proper information, many passengers returning from abroad who brought gold, jewelry, foreign currency, televisions and mobile phones in excess of the prescribed numbers have been found facing cases of customs evasion. According to the DoC, passengers coming from abroad can now use the facility of self-declaration before reaching the customs X-ray machine after passing through the immigration hall.

The dedicated unit is expected to solve the dilemma among the passengers over the goods that they can carry with them while getting clearance through the customs check. In most of the cases, the passengers carrying gold, television and mobile phones, undergo the situation.

Tok Raj Pandey, head of the customs office at the TIA, said with the operation of the self-declaration desk, passengers will be able to self-declare the goods they have and pay customs duty for excess quantity of goods they are carrying with them.

As per the government rule, female passengers returning to Nepal from abroad do not have to pay customs on gold jewelry up to a maximum of 50 grams and male passengers up to a maximum of 25 grams. Apart from this, an individual can bring up to 200 grams of gold jewelry at the customs point by paying duty.

According to the TIA customs office, gold that is made only by giving the shape of the jewelry, such as customized rings, bangles and necklace, without the use of chemicals, are not considered jewelry.

In the case of mobile phones, a visitor with a personally using device does not have to pay customs duty. However, for the returnee migrant workers who worked abroad for more than six consecutive months with a work permit can bring one more mobile phone with them without paying customs duty.

Nepali travelers who are listed in the Social Security Fund (SSF) and return after working for 12 consecutive months after obtaining a work permit do not have to pay customs if they bring any size or type of television with them. However, those who are not incorporated by the SSF and have returned after working for 12 consecutive months with a work permit, are allowed to bring only televisions up to the 32 inch size without paying customs duty.

In cases other than these, customs duty is imposed on all types of televisions. Likewise, passengers carrying foreign currency worth more than US $5,000 must self-declare at the airport. No duty or fee is imposed for the declared amount, according to the DoC.