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UK Medical Team visiting Nepal

नेपालब्रिटेन डट कम्
२० कार्तिक २०७३, शनिबार ०८:०९

A five member medical team is visiting Nepal on a two-week long trip with a view to work with Nepali hospitals and share their expertise.

The team comprises Dr Bharat Shrestha– senior ophthalmologist, Dr Vasant Raman—consultant ophthalmologist and diabetic retinopathy expert, Dr Tim Freegard – consultant paediatric ophthalmologist, Dr Sophia Wrigley- consultant anaesthetist and Mrs Julie Owen- senior Orthoptist.

“The team members will teach and give lectures to eye doctors in Nepal and also see patients,” said Dr Bharat Shrestha, who is leading and coordinating the visit. The team will work mainly in partnership with B P Koirala Children’s Hospital for Ear, Eyes and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS), Manohara, Bhaktapur. The hospital is being run by the B P Eye Foundation led by Prof Madan Upadhyaya — one of the seniormost ophthalmologists of Nepal.

During their week-long stay in Kathmandu (Nov 6-11), the team of doctors will also conduct a seminar at the Til Ganga hospital and visit Faculty of Opthalmology at the TU Teaching Hospital. They will also take part in the National Retina Conference in Kathmandu in which Dr Raman will deliver his talk.

“This is the second time that we are visiting Nepal as a team and we look forward to share our ideas and expertise with opthalmologists and other medical professionals in Nepal,” said Dr Shrestha.

The team also plans to visit Lumbini, Pokhara and Chitwan during the second half of their visit.

“As Nepal and UK are celebrating 200 years of relationship, we hope our visit will help to promote people-to-people relations in a meaningful way,” Dr Shrestha added.