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Santosh Shah wins BBC’s ‘MasterChef The Professionals Rematch 2021’

नेपालब्रिटेन डट कम्
१३ पुष २०७८, मंगलवार ०४:३२

Chiran Sharma,  

LONDON, Dec 28: Nepali chef Santosh Shah working in the UK has won another world famous title. In the final broadcast on BBC One on Monday evening, Chef Santosh Shah surpassed the other three competitors to win the title of ‘ MasterChef The Professionals Rematch 2021’.

Shah, 34, of Siraha had presented various Nepali dishes such as curried jackfruit steak, green banana curry, rice crackers, onion salad, tempered grapefruit, sesame and chilli pickle, red yam, aubergine, spiced potato and pointed gourd, pilau rice with nuts, rice puri, or bread, smoked tomato and hemp seed chutneys, sundried chickpea leaf, mushroom dry curry, and Nepali black lentil.

The competition was held giving a chance to the former MasterChef Professional finalists again. The competition was attended by 2017 finalist Jamie Park and 2020 finalists Santosh, Philli Armitage-Marttin, Bart Van Der Lee.

Shah has announced plans to open a restaurant with Nepali food in central London in the future. He has also published a book called ‘Ayla’ by studying the basic food and spices of different regions and castes of Nepal.